Thursday, December 18, 2014

5 Unique and unusual business ideas

Unique and unusual business ideas

It is basic human nature to try and stand out from the crowd, somet ry to be as unusual as possible. On a personal level we try to wear different clothes, different hairstyles perhaps even go as far as to modify our bodies with tattoos or even more extreme body piercings. Businesses are no different, they wish to stand out from the crowd. The most unusual business ideas often do very very well, at times just because they are unusual they don’t even have to be of any particular use. Take a look at some popular ones. For more in-depth list check out the business HQ.

1.) Toilet paper advertising

Brothers Brian and Jordan Silverman, founded star toilet paper. The basic premise is to sell advertising space on toilet paper that is then distributed to bars restaurants and other public places at a huge discounts or in many cases for free. They print on the toilet paper with a water-soluble hundred percent non-toxic ink. They utilize the current trend of QR codes and short code messages (sms text) that entice customers to interact with the advertisements. Discounts and coupons are pretty big winners.

2.) Thank you cards

This unusual business idea sends simulated handwritten thank you cards to whomever you need to. Popular for those that have had a large wedding, bar mitzvah, graduation or bridal shower. Writing and sending all those cards just isn't time efficient.

You can pick and choose from many handwriting styles, Inc.color and design. You don’t even have to lick the stamps. Thankster takes care of it all.

3.) E-book rentals

In the last few years e book readers have become very popular. eBookFling  Has found a market that they plan to exploit. They have started the first e-book rental site. It is a membership-based site in which customers can rent or loan to each other. The great thing about e-books is that it’s very easy to get them back.

 4.) Personalized tea

Many businesses have carved out a niche for themselves by offering personalized products. Some of the more popular ones like clothing items, haberdashery and even artwork are mainstays in most malls in the United States. However we have a newcomer of the personalization market called Designer A Tea, they offer consumers the chance to make there own tea blend from scratch. They have about 40 flavors that you can mix and match to help you have your perfect blend of tea. You can even mix in other ingredients such as Irish cream, passion fruit or almonds. The website claims to have 10,000 different combinations. All of their products are hundred percent recycled, organic gluten-free.

5.) Grown up kids toys

I haven’t seen anybody in the United States doing this, but in a recent trip to England I saw what was basically a grown-up sandbox. You could rent heavy equipment, and go to work. All the cool stuff we liked to play with his children like excavators,steam rollers, loaders and bulldozers are  there keys at the ready for you to play with. They do have instructors to help you out. It was one of the most fun I've had in a long time. I even got to keep the hat.


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