Thursday, December 11, 2014

Business Ideas : Kids Can Earn, Recycled Papers Retailer

 Have you been upset because mom and dad aren’t planning anything cool this summer? Are they thinking of just staying at home or going on a very short vacation? You know, it can be disastrous to do nothing on summer holiday. See, this happens not only to you. Many other kids out there may have to face the same thing. Unpleasant, boring and dull holiday is waiting ahead.

Being grumpy won’t make any changes, though. So, better figure out what to do next summer that will make you happy and bring some extra bonus. Kids, too, can make money. And, we are talking about real profits, not just some pocket money. Kids business is usually based on holiday seasons since school has to go first. But, as recycled paper retailer, you can open up the business all year round. You may not be able to go anywhere cool this year, but who knows by next year you can make it come true! And, with your own savings!

Basic Techniques for Production

Paper recycling normally refers to the process of blending used papers and making it into new piece of paper in different texture or colors. It can also mean using left over papers like magazines and newspapers as the basis of creating certain objects. This technique puts forward papers reusing through changing the physical feature and appearance. Using particular techniques is commonly used to create various shapes and dimensions.

Although this is kids business, the customers who would want to buy the products you make are not limited to children only. It is very important to master well the basic technique of making recycled paper. You may need to try out several compositions –you could Google it- , and decide which one gives you the best result. Try several different ingredients such as blending newspapers only, magazines only or mix them all. You may need parents’ advice and assistance during the trial process. Second opinion is very important!

Just-Papers Selling: Various Themes

Now, what to do next, when you can already process great recycled papers? If you are now the expert of recycle papers production, you need to divide the functions of the papers. This is important to help you sell them. Buyers want to order some papers because they want to use them for specific purposes. Some will want to buy to cover their books, to make scrapbook and some others may want to buy a finished product. Finished product means that the papers are turned into ready-to-use items.

With a bit of creativity you could bind these papers and turn them into a note book or diary. This is handy to write short messages posted on the fridge or to write down some shopping lists. Give each item different details that show various themes. Add up petals of flowers during drying up process of the recycled paper –after blending- for garden theme. Sprinkle white sand for beach theme. Spread some twigs for forest or mountain theme. To beautify the papers, some drops of natural colors will work fabulous!

Papers for Gifts Wrapping

Other than the above products, recycled papers kids business that you run can also offer larger size of paper for gifts wrapping. This product does not need any binding or whatsoever. What will make it attractive are texture, color and cuts. To wrap gifts, customers will also need some other materials like ribbons and other ornaments. It will be a good idea if you can also provide this. So, your customers don’t need to shop elsewhere to get everything complete.

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